Congratulations! You now have the privilege to be distinctive with All Chris Collections to make an outstanding first impression. You might have been searching for ideal brands of your choice for months, if not for years, and with All Chris Collections finding your best brand that will make you stand out will never be that strenuous. 

So have you ever wondered what makes you stand out? One obvious answer is the quality. But noticeably, quality itself will not make you more attractive in terms of your outfits. At, All Chris Collections, we make sure we go beyond quality to provide an extraordinary shopping experience for our audience. 

We started our operations as a business back in 2012 and slowly started to diversify our products which helped us to bring extensive results in the long run. Consisting of products ranging from clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories, we are now one of the leading e-commerce websites to provide unique brands for women. As a business, we research what is lacking in the market and always ensure we come up with the most innovative solutions to fulfill the market demands.

Interestingly, suppose you are a woman who likes to give meaning to the term ‘confident,' which empowers you to make significant changes. In that case, you should try our latest collection of products listed specially for aspiring women like you. 


Hello beautiful people! I am Christelle Bien-Aime, inspired to make significant initiatives to bring the most out of women’s abilities. Coming from a business-oriented family, I always knew that I would make my parents proud by improvising the target markets with some unique brands of expert quality. I think my critical thinking, along with my passion for the apparels industry, allowed me to expand my entrepreneurial journey to another level.

So what interested me in choosing ‘All Chris’ as my brand name? And the meaning of the term? It is a Jamaican expression to explain something ‘Pretty.' The story was based on my personal experience when I started my wedding planning business in 2012. 

However, I found it hard to select outfits of my choice at affordable prices whenever I wanted to go out for my business work or my outings. So, I needed to figure out a solution for this problem. Thus, the brand ‘All Chris Collections’ was developed to fulfill your demands of with latest stylish designs to buy them at the comfort of your homes. 


1.   Affordable Pricing Strategy

The foundation for our website is on understanding the requirements of women and providing them with the ultimate solutions accordingly. At All Chris Collections, we prioritize delivering exceptional products at low prices because our ultimate goal of starting the company was to uplift women's lifestyle through more extraordinary innovations with fewer costs. Therefore we are proud to say that our products are the most affordable ones you will find in the market.

2.   Diversified Products

Knowing the trends around the market has given us a tremendous opportunity to go beyond our limitations. With thorough research and a unique product catalog, you will get many brands to choose from until you find your ideal product. 

We understood that it would be much easier for you if we could list all the other related products like shoes and accessories to buy them at the same place. Therefore, we continuously add different products with new categories that will save your valuable time to spend for a greater purpose.

3.   Superior Quality

Once you log in to our website, you will notice how we list our creative styles and designs. Luckily we have a team of highly creative designers passionate about making significant changes in the apparel industry. With the amount of effort they put into their work, we are confident that we are providing a world-class service exceeding our buyers' expectations.

4.   Being Reliable For What We Do

Another reason for our long-term success came from organizing our process's structure and smoothness as a company. Being able to take responsibility for our service gave us the perfect platform to satisfy our buyers worldwide. So with a high level of trust, we have a huge audience for our platform expecting quality products regularly.

5.   Secure Payment Gateways

We partnered with the world’s most secure payment services that helped us improve our platform's transparency. We accept payments from various gateways like PayPal, Amex, credit card payments, Apple pay, Google pay, Elo, etc. So you will not have to face the burden of being limited to one or two payment gateways to purchase our products.

6.   Super-Fast Loading Time

As an E-commerce platform, we focus on saving your time while browsing your favorite products on our website. To ensure a happy shopping experience, we are continuously developing our website with the latest technological advancements to avoid unnecessary delays while surfing through the pages.

7.   Flexibility

Even though the possibility of receiving a damaged product is at a minimum level, we have policies made to safeguard you on such occasions where we will be taking immediate action to reship the item within a short period of notice.



Our goal is to empower women by providing them with unique products of superior quality to enhance their confidence to make better changes to the world.


To uplift women's lifestyle by helping those through a range of diversified products tailored for different needs and settings with creative designs at an affordable price.


At All Chris Collections, we believe that women play a vital role in developing economic and socio-cultural values worldwide. However, their contribution to the world is consistently undervalued. Therefore continuous assistance in empowering their lives is needed to grow their confidence to face the upcoming challenges successfully. We are hoping to make a further impact through our platform that will help women to be more productive and efficient in the future.